PDF download PATTERN and TUTORIAL for Thalia Large Fairy Wings




Whoa there, before you get too excited about $30 wings, read the title of this product again.  This is NOT FOR WINGS. This is my instructions on how to make the wings in the photos. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

What is included? You will get a PDF DOWNLOAD, which you will have to download.  Then you can print it out onto plain printer paper and assemble to get the full pattern. Once you get the full pattern assembled, it is already laid out with the pieces in the best possible formation for cutting.

Skill Level: INTERMEDIATE to ADVANCED. If you don’t know much about sewing, this pattern is NOT FOR YOU.  You need to have a good grasp of machine applique sewing techniques, excellent control of your stitching, and already know a whole lot of things which I do not cover in the tutorial. You also need to know how to work with wire and have the tools to do it.

That being said, these beauties are irresistible. With 6 generously proportioned sections, these wings will make you the envy of all.
Longest section: 29″
Height top to bottom: 38″-40″, over 3 feet
Overall width: 48″ or 4 feet
In Greek Mythology, Thalia is the name of one of the 9 muses as well as the name of one of the 3 Graces.


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