Shipping and Returns


We ship world wide.

Shipping methods include, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. I prefer USPS for shipments that do not have to be there in less than 3 days time. I prefer FedEx for those shipments that DO need to be there in less than 2 days. Payment in full will be secured before shipment of any item.

Shipping: Please note that selecting overnight shipping will not guarantee you will receive your order the next day. The days represented by each shipping method are TRANSIT times and do NOT include preparation time. If you need any custom item in 5 days or less it may not be possible and will require express shipping. If you need any custom item in less than 10 day it may require express shipping. Please email me to verify before complete any order you need in a short amount of time.

For express shipping actual shipping charges will apply. I may call you for further payment to cover the extra charges if there is a huge difference in the actual cost and what the cart adds for shipping. The cart can be off when ordering multiple sets of wings. while many wings, individually can fit into a regular size box, a few of the larger wings require an oversize box. Multiple wings of medium or larger sizes may require an oversize box, making the sipping cost more than it would seem. This becomes more important with express shipping than with priority mail. For the most accurate quote on shipping, email me. If you prefer to figure it yourself, the box size for large wings is 24 X 18 X 5 inches

Payment in full will be secured before shipment of any item. Any delayed or late payments will delay the agreed upon delivery date. Any custom project that is not paid for in full within 30 days of our last communication or the project”s completion will be considered abandoned and will become the sole property of Enchanted Fairy Wings. Such project may be sold to reclaim labor costs. My contact information is posted on every page of this website at the top and bottom of every page. I will return your call if I”m not available to take it at the time.


Returns For fabric wings: 100% satisfaction guarantee. 100% money back if returned within 5 days of receipt. Please inspect them upon arrival, call me with your issue that day, and return them within the 5 days. There will be no exceptions for any reason.

Returns for cellophane wings:  All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee, must have approval by phone on the day they arrive, and returned within 5 days. I hate it, but it has to be done. If I don”t charge this I will have to raise the price of them and nobody wants that. You can thank people who have them delivered the day before their event and then return them the day after, after they’ve been used.

Returns for customized wings and custom garments:  Returns for these items becomes more complicated. It is hard for me to resell oddly painted wings or gowns made just to fit you. I can not accept returns or issue refunds on items customized beyond the point of being able to resell them. Just know what you want before you commit to the order.

Returns for makeup:  I can not except returns for makeup products. No exceptions. Would you like to buy makeup that someone else might have used? Me neither.

Returns for ear tips:  Ears are returnable in UNUSED condition ONLY. Prosthesis that have been glued on with spirit gum and then removed (even if you are only testing them)are considered used. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

ALL Returns: All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee (except fabric wings) and must have prior approval. Shipping costs will not be refunded on any item, for any reason. Email me for approval.

Halloween Returns:

In the month of October, all returns must be post marked by October 28th. Any return post marked after October 28th will be refused, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you receive your order after October 28th then your sale is considered final and cannot be returned, NO EXCEPTIONS. This return blackout policy does not apply to any order that you received after October 31st. If you got it after October 31st, you either got it too late or you didn’t need it until after October 31st in the first place.