Terms and Conditions

for Ordering a Custom Made Costume

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COMMUNICATION:Tammy Casey agrees to be prompt with replies, and to answer any questions or concerns with courtesy. The client agrees to communicate any questions or concerns in a timely manner throughout the design and construction process.

GUARANTEE OF QUALITY: We guarantee the workmanship to be of professional quality and free of defects. Client agrees to inspect the garment immediately upon arrival and return within one week to resolve any issues of defects.

GUARANTEE OF FIT: Your costume/wedding gown is guaranteed to fit the measurements provided to us. We strongly recommends that you have a professional tailor/seamstress take your measurements. You agree not take the measurements by yourself. If you are unable to have professional measurements taken, then you agree to have a friend help. We are not responsible for inaccurate measurements. All garments will be cut using the provided measurements, sewn using the provided measurements and checked at completion for accuracy against the provided measurements. If garment does not fit, it is because the measurements provided were inaccurate and therefore, we are not responsible or obligated to make any adjustments regarding fitting. We probably will make the adjustments, but we don’t have to. If you gain or lose weight and the measurements change, we are not responsible or obligated to make any adjustments regarding fitting.

GUARANTEE OF HEM LENGTH: The hem of the garment, however is not included in the guarantee. Only a personal fitting would assure a perfect hem length. Client has 2 options for the hem.We can leave it unhemmed OR We can hem it as close as possible using the provided measurements, but if you didn’t measure correctly, we can’t hem it correctly.

Just remember if there is an error in the measurements as small as 1/2 of an inch in measuring the hem could end up being too short or too long. We are not responsible for incorrect measurements. If you opt to have the hem finished by us, any adjustment to the hem may incur additional charges and such changes will not be made until payment for said charges has been paid in full.

DEPOSIT: A NON-refundable deposit, of 50% of the total agreed upon cost is due before we will begin work on your project. You agree to pay this fee before work will begin. Deposits can be made by money order, personal check, credit card payments or Paypal payments. You can mail it in the form of a MONEY ORDER or PERSONAL CHECK to:
Tammy Casey
Enchanted Costumes
HC 31 Box 615
Deer, AR 72628

If you are paying by check, please allow 5 business days for the check to clear the bank before work can begin. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Should you decided to cancel the order, the deposit will be forfeited. This is not negotiable, so please do not even ask. See CANCELLATION POLICY below for further information about this.

CANCELLATIONS: There are three ways we can see this being worked out.

The contract is upheld as signed. We finish the project. Client pays the remainder of the project cost and we ship the costume/gown to you. Okay, that’s not really a cancellation.

We can stop work on the project. You forfeit any payments or deposits made, but are not obligated to pay the remaining fees. The project and materials become the property of Tammy Casey.

We can stop work on the project, you can pay for any labor costs not covered by the deposit or payments already made. We send the unfinished garment and/or materials to you after settlement of balance. The scheduled delivery date may be changed at our discretion.

RESERVATION FEE: If client wishes to reserve a slot in our schedule for a project due date more than 90 days away, client may secure his time with a non-refundable reservation fee of $100. This fee WILL be counted toward the total cost of the project. We are extending this option, to accommodate your needs. Should you decide to cancel the order, with this option, the monetary loss to you will be substantially less. You agree that the remaining 50% of the initial deposit will be paid before any actual work begins.

DELIVERY TIME: We agrees to deliver the gown on or before the requested delivery date. You agree to request delivery at least 2 weeks before the garment is actually needed. If you do not specify a delivery date, please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery.

RUSH FEE: If for any reason client needs a project done quickly (4 weeks or less) an additional 25% of the total cost may be added to the cost, plus any extra shipping fees for express shipping. You agree to pay this fee for any rush orders. There are many times throughout the year when we can not accept rush orders, even with the rush fee, so please contact us first to see if it is even possible.

DESIGN CHANGES: Any changes made to the design after an agreement has been reached, an estimate made and the 50% deposit has been received will incur additional design and labor fees of no less than $50, plus any additional costs for added fabric or materials. Such changes may include, but are not limited to, design alterations, fabric choice changes, trim choice changes. Any changes must be made in writing and must be accompanied by the $50 fee. We reserves the right to alter the design, as necessary due to unforeseen construction issues that may arise. We also agree to notify you of any problems or changes that may need to occur. You agree that Tammy Casey, as the designer, has the authority to make any such changes.

GETTING STARTED: Once we receive your deposit and it has cleared, these Terms and Conditions will be in effect. We will order the fabric almost immediately. We agree to give progress updates on the project in the form of photos, when possible and notes via email of the certain steps of the process. Such as, when the fabric arrives and when cutting begins, when sewing begins, when project is ready to mail. Photos may be taken of garment during the construction process and after it is finished. All photos are the property of Tammy Casey. All designs remain the property of Tammy Casey and copyrights are kept and enforced.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Because of the nature of packing and shipping, the garment will more than likely need to be steamed or pressed. We can only recommend that client have this done by a professional, whether it be a dry-cleaner or another professional seamstress. Some clients may have already discovered that some fabrics will melt when ironed, and for this reason you should take it to a professional. Once the garment is no longer in our possession, we are not liable for it’s care. If no care instructions are provided, you must assume that the garment has no recommended care instructions. All washable fabrics, including linen and cotton, will be pre washed to prevent shrinking before garment is constructed.

NOTES OF CAUTION: All designs are going to look different in the different sizes that they may be made in. Many garments made in larger sizes may become distorted from the original design. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur while wearing any garment manufactured by us. You are responsible for your own actions and agree to hold Tammy Casey blameless. By making a deposit to Tammy Casey, you agree to the above terms and conditions and client agree to be bound by them. The receipt of any deposit, by Tammy Casey is considered acceptance of these terms in lieu of a signed copy.